Guys listen. This post may turn you against capitalism ten fold. Trust me now i know you guys would SHIT YOUR DIAPER!!! If this happened to you and you would just tip over AND die!! Wtf bro i know what its like to go thru hardships n shit bruh. Ive had ma far share. Bruh bro bruh brah.!

Imagine YOURE A 6 year old boy WHOS SO FUCKING POOR that his FUCKING MOTHER has to sell various FUCKING ORGANS!!!!! HOLY FUUUUUUYUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!$$$$$$$$$ IM FUCKING PISSWESSSS!!!!!!! THAT FUCKING MAKES ME WANNA FUCKING PUKE!!!!! Heres my resume Listen here i will list the rules i follow I am a marxist and proud of it dammit!!!! MARXISM […]